Wolverine movie sequel

Well if you saw the movie “X-men Origins: Wolverine” then you know that it was a bad, bad film. Well I guess there is a sequel being made. Apparently it is about Wolverine in Japan and falling in love with some woman. This movie is probably going to suck but lets hope not. Things I would like to see would be The Hand and the Silver Samurai, that would be cool but one can only hope.

Check it out at io9

Hey bub: Old Man Logan puts his claws away

A new western frontier paints across the landscape embodying the harsh political/criminal climate of a post-apocalyptic world. The heroes lost and the villains won. The United States is politically divided into large gang turfs run by super-inhuman monsters; in a turf ran by the once hero The Incredible Hulk a cantankerous old man refuses to sell his children’s toys in order to pay for the rent. Continue reading

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