Respect to all comic book writers

Great writers are ones whose material can transcend the boundaries of its genre and format, and right now comic book writers are beginning to be recognized for their amazing creativity and talent. Continue reading


My two cents

Many of the readers on this site probably know how I feel about the big two companies, like which one is my favorite and which one isn’t.

But for those who don’t know let me tell you.

I grew up loving Marvel, in fact I still am fond for a lot of the characters, started getting into DC late last year now I am more of a DC fan then I am a Marvel one. Continue reading

The Comic Book Cheat Sheet

Hi everyone I am so sorry to not have posted for a while. I will probably continue to be inconsistent with my posts because I am getting towards the end of my semester and the homework is really starting to get piled on. Hopefully though once summer comes along I will have more time to devote to this blog.

So anyways I am posting up what I like to call the comic book cheat sheet, this is basically for people interested in comic book history and trivia. So here it is. Continue reading

Average Joe Comic Books: Does a super hero need a college degree?

He was born with an Olympian body, incredible super-powers and an intellect on the level of Isaac Asimov. Fighting his way through a world filled with science villains and magic monsters, saving the damsel in distress and loved by all. Continue reading

Comics the Re-written History

A hand reaches out for you to grasp, it seems oddly familiar but also very strange. Grabbing for the hand it slowly becomes an opaque white and loses all tangible form, reaching through the ghostly limb it becomes lost in a forgotten time stream never to be reclaimed. Staring up to the sky to scream a big rubber pencil eraser descends, horrified you try and avoid the it but find yourself becoming opaque just like the hand you had reached for. Being forgotten, lost, drifting through a dimension of lost time only to be read about in back issues collecting dust in a comic books store’s long boxes. Continue reading

Watch Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels

It is looking like it is going to be a busy day of school work so I don’t think I will get around to making an actual post. But I did decide to provide a link to an interesting interview of Stan Lee done by Kevin Smith. If you are a fan of Marvel comics then you probably need to check this out. Video is linked here

All Out Cartoon Attack

Comic books and animation seem like two things that should go together pretty well, and for the most part there have been some good comic book cartoons, but out of Marvel and DC who has had the best animation track record? Continue reading

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