New Tom Strong Series

Looks like there is a new Tom Strong series being put out from Wildstorm, this of course is news to me the worlds biggest Alan Moore fan. I wonder if Moore has given Wildstorm his blessing for producing the new series, my thoughts are probably not. I will have to look into this a little bit more. Anyways here is a link to Wildstorms blog with a description of the series, the bleed

My life thus far

So I haven’t really been posting a lot lately and I am sorry to the few followers I have. However, I just want to say that I am almost done this year with school and should finally get back to reading and writing about comics.

I want to share though what has been going on and some of my thoughts for the blog as well as make my apology.

First, to let everyone know I have been trying to keep up with reading my comics and finally read Darwyn Cooks DC: New Frontier which was awesome. Also I am currently and finally reading DC’s Blackest Night which is probably one of the best event books I have ever read. I was reading Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker’s Immortal Iron Fist for like a hot second before all of my shenanigans with school and it was looking to be a pretty decent Marvel book until I got distracted.

Reread both of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight books and am excited to hear that All-Star Batman and Robin is going to start back up but under a new banner “Dark Knight:Robin” and is supposed to be a prequel to the two previous Dark Knight books, perhaps we will see how Robin, Dick Grayson, becomes a mutant bent on revenge against Bruce Wayne.

Really excited to hear that Marvel will be releasing some older Marvel Man anthologies, never read the old stuff or really care but this can only mean the Alan Moore/Neil Gaiman stuff is soon to follow.

Waiting for “Y the Last Man Deluxe 3” to come out, probably about to buy “Tom Strong Deluxe vol. 2”, and am considering buying “Scud: The Disposable Assassin the whole Shebang edition”, as well as “Dylan Dog” and “Madman: Gargantua”. I am a little put off by “Madman: Gargantua’s” price tag plus I have never read the comic, but Mike Allred’s art is awesome and the premise sounds amazing.

Some thoughts about the site:

I am considering to expand the content I talk about on this site to broaden my abilities to reach the nerd community. Mostly what I am considering is talking about old cartoons (which is right now the only thing I watch), some sci-fi (whether movies, books or television; although probably more movie’s and television since that is more of what I am interested in), and maybe a slim chance that I throw in a video game review here or there, although I don’t play a lot of games but playing through part of “God of War 3” did manage to spark an interest in them again.

One thing I really want to do with the site is see if I can start receiving press releases from DC and Marvel so that I can also provide a direct source to comic book news instead of re-posting articles from other sites. I also want to work harder at building a community for the site so that I can hopefully convince artists and writers to do interviews, sorry for my Joe Kelly interview for falling through.

Another thing I am hoping to do is get people guest posting on the site, I have asked people before but never a response back but I think it would be fun to get a fresh voice on the site now and again, also it would be cool to get a web comic and a pod cast going but that is certainly at the very bottom of the list of things I want to do.

Finally, I think I might try to post at least once a week for now just so there is stuff going up on the site, but hopefully can return to the six days a week format I was doing when I first started this site.

I’m back

Well I am back from spring break and I am nice and rested and ready to blog some more. I picked a few trades up over my break. I got Alan Moore’s “Lost Girls”, Matt Kindt’s “Super Spy” , “DC: New Frontier” volume two (still waiting for volume one to come in the mail), and finally got Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Strikes Again”. So anyways expect some reviews on those as well as a review on a great book called “The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay”  by Michael Chabon. The book is comic book related and I think people can maybe expect me to write a couple reviews now and then on books relating to the topic of comics.

Adults only keep the Kiddies away

The Plastic Man mourns his wife while holding her burned body

If anyone ever tells you comics are for little kids then you have every right to slap that person for not knowing what they’re talking about. Continue reading

The European Comic Invasion

The face of rock n’ roll was changed with Beetles, officially kicking of the British Invasion and paving the way for artists like the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and David Bowie. Music was forever changed and comic books have echoed this musical transformation with its own invasion. Continue reading

Kimota! Captain Marvel meet my fist

When are Marvel comics going to bring the world of Miracleman/ Marvelman into the Marvel U?  Marvelman, which was actually one of the coolest comics that Alan Moore did, and then later Neil Gaiman was acquired by one of the companies that put the title out of business. Continue reading

Digital Comics Are They a Good or Bad Thing?

We are now in a digital age; ages where we consume all our information electronically whether it is music on an Ipod, reading books on a Kindle, reading the New York Times on the Internet or watching a movie through an internet stream. So now whether you love it or hate it the world of comics is getting that same digital treatment. Continue reading

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