My two cents

Many of the readers on this site probably know how I feel about the big two companies, like which one is my favorite and which one isn’t.

But for those who don’t know let me tell you.

I grew up loving Marvel, in fact I still am fond for a lot of the characters, started getting into DC late last year now I am more of a DC fan then I am a Marvel one. Continue reading

Last Man on Earth

Mindlessly bumbling through the bramble of misfortune Yorick Brown finds himself viewing a frightening collage of death. Every person with a Y chromosome has died except for Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Now the only man living on the planet earth Yorick is now the most important human alive. Continue reading

The European Comic Invasion

The face of rock n’ roll was changed with Beetles, officially kicking of the British Invasion and paving the way for artists like the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and David Bowie. Music was forever changed and comic books have echoed this musical transformation with its own invasion. Continue reading

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