Repost:Scott Pilgrim’s Guide to Life

For anyone who isn’t up-to-date on the world of Scott Pilgrim you really should be because it is one of the coolest comics out right now and is about to be made into a movie starring Michael Cera . Anyways I found this really cool article while cruising around on today and I thought that I would link back to it. So all that you have to do is click here.


Eyeballs are killing me

My eyes have been bothering me this entire week and staring at a computer screen just kills them. So here is a link to an interesting article. Sorry for not having an original post. Article is here

Watch Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

The new direct-to-video animation from DC comes out tonight at midnight but you can check it out here

Average Joe Comic Books: Does a super hero need a college degree?

He was born with an Olympian body, incredible super-powers and an intellect on the level of Isaac Asimov. Fighting his way through a world filled with science villains and magic monsters, saving the damsel in distress and loved by all. Continue reading

Love Potion no.9

Are you gearing up for Valentines Day, well I know I’m not so here is a funny article from io9 on sci-fi love potions. just click here

Superbowl Comic Book Commercials

Well I think everyone in the country watched the Superbowl, so now I think it is only fitting to post to this article online which is about all the comic book related Superbowl commercials. Click here

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