Happy Birthday DC

Article you should read for DC’s B-day

Watch Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

The new direct-to-video animation from DC comes out tonight at midnight but you can check it out here

Super Hero Russian Noir: The Winter Men

The cold war grows colder for Kris Kalenov a.k.a. The Poet, as he is forced to investigate a kidnapping that brings him face-to-face with a past he is trying to forget. The Winter Men brings a unique voice to soviet inspired comics, one part detective comic and two-parts awesome The Winter Men is a heady intellectual comic worthy of notice. Continue reading

DC Comics Under New Management

There was some big news announced by DC today, at least I think it was today, in which Jim Lee and Dan Didio will take over as co-publishers of DC, and Geoff Johns will take  a new title. I think Johns title is head of creative affairs or something. Anyways this is very exciting news because we have some actual comics creators running the show now. However, lets hope that they are good enough businessmen to keep the company from falling apart, and lets hope Johns continues to write comics.

You can read more about at comic book resources website

Average Joe Comic Books: Does a super hero need a college degree?

He was born with an Olympian body, incredible super-powers and an intellect on the level of Isaac Asimov. Fighting his way through a world filled with science villains and magic monsters, saving the damsel in distress and loved by all. Continue reading

Comics the Re-written History

A hand reaches out for you to grasp, it seems oddly familiar but also very strange. Grabbing for the hand it slowly becomes an opaque white and loses all tangible form, reaching through the ghostly limb it becomes lost in a forgotten time stream never to be reclaimed. Staring up to the sky to scream a big rubber pencil eraser descends, horrified you try and avoid the it but find yourself becoming opaque just like the hand you had reached for. Being forgotten, lost, drifting through a dimension of lost time only to be read about in back issues collecting dust in a comic books store’s long boxes. Continue reading

Last Man on Earth

Mindlessly bumbling through the bramble of misfortune Yorick Brown finds himself viewing a frightening collage of death. Every person with a Y chromosome has died except for Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Now the only man living on the planet earth Yorick is now the most important human alive. Continue reading

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