Respect to all comic book writers

Great writers are ones whose material can transcend the boundaries of its genre and format, and right now comic book writers are beginning to be recognized for their amazing creativity and talent. Continue reading


Hulk vs Hulk:Does Planet Hulk the Cartoon live up Planet Hulk the Comic

Light flashes from the metallic cylinder; faces emerge from the flash, faces that seem all too familiar. He recognizes the faces as those that are, were his friends; the tin man, the silent one, and the magician telling him they’re sorry. Sorry for sending him into space, sorry because he is supposedly more dangerous then they are. Sorry because they think they are his friends.

He feels the turbulence as his space ship passes through a magnetic field of a worm hole, finally ripping apart the hull to see where he is, knowing that his lungs and body could survive the vacuum of space, finds himself in a harsh war torn country whose inhabitants seem unfamiliar to him. Continue reading

All Out Cartoon Attack

Comic books and animation seem like two things that should go together pretty well, and for the most part there have been some good comic book cartoons, but out of Marvel and DC who has had the best animation track record? Continue reading

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