I’m back

Well I’m back. I don’t know how long but it seems like it has almost been a decade since I’ve actually posted to this blog. When in reality it has probably been about five or so years, time flies when you aren’t bittorenting comics.

That’s a joke of course because I pay for all of my comics. Comics have never left me but my interest them goes in peaks and valleys, just when I am almost completely out of the loop I decide I want to jump head first back into them. Looking back at these posts it looks like I used to review whole series, mini-series and story lines or just try to give epic descriptions. I wish it was that easy but in all truthfulness I lack an internet connection and a disposable income so where that leaves me is basically relying on the library for all my comics needs.

Sure having the library is better then nothing but what I’ve always found troubling about the library is that they pick up series in fragmented segments or whole volumes are just plain stolen. Regardless I still have a few series sitting on my hard drive that I’ve yet to read or even review. Right now i am currently reading Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison… apparently I was a bit late on that one and am re-reading Deadpool circa Joe Kelly 1990s which to me still is the standard to be met for the character.

I’m going to maybe try and blog here semi-regularly and maybe I can review some things I’ve read in between my days in college to now. So be on the look out for reviews of Doom Patrol, Deadpool, Punk Rock Jesus and a bunch of other zanny things in the near future. I can’t promise this will be a regular thing since I write a couple other blogs on varying topics but hopefully if you were a fan before or just finding me for the first time I can provide you content that’s worth reading.




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