Respect to all comic book writers

Great writers are ones whose material can transcend the boundaries of its genre and format, and right now comic book writers are beginning to be recognized for their amazing creativity and talent.

I think it is quite obvious that right now the one place where comic book properties are popping up are in movies. It seems that almost all the action movies that have been coming out in the past six years have been based off of or somehow inspired by comic books.

Now, I am not saying that all these movies have perfectly adapted the material it was based upon but I am saying that comics are definitely the “it” thing to make a movie off of. In fact I would like to point out that movies that most people generally would not associate with comics are in fact adapted from one: “History of Violence”, “Road to Perdition” and maybe “Scott Pilgrim vs the World.”

The list of movies based on comics continue to grow not only in the action movie genre but also in the drama genre as well. With in-the-works projects like a possible adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis'” a.k.a. Goldfish” and Ed Brubaker’s “Criminal.”

Not only have comics scored a touch down in movies but they also may be touching down in live action television as well. With a T.V. series based off of Robert Kirkman’s hit series “Walking Dead” this may finally be a live action series worth watching.

With years of comic book cartoons out there some were quite good while others were really bad. Spider-man, X-men, Batman, Ninja Turtles and the Justice League all good cartoons. Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, Iron Man, Hulk and WildC.A.T.S not so great. Once again we are seeing a resurgence of comic book inspired cartoons with multiple direct-to-dvd released films as well as a new Batman, Iron Man and Marvel Super Hero squad cartoon series with the Green Lantern soon to follow.

But not only are comic books being adapted into films and television but the talent is being hired away to work on other things for Hollywood. We are seeing comic book writers and artists working on television series and movies.

Shows like “Lost” had several comic book writers working on the writing crew like Brian K. Vaughan and Paul Dini. Then there was the wretched “Heroes” show which had Jeph Loeb working for them as well as Chuck Kim. Finally “Smallville” has Geoff Johns but that isn’t really too far a stretch for the guy since it is still in the DCU.

The crossover isn’t just happening with comic writers turning television and movie writers either but we are now seeing these celebrity comic fans deciding to come over and do their take on them.

The crossover may have started with Jeph Loeb if you wish to look back that far ago or even maybe J.Michael Stacyrznski but in more recent years we have seen directors Kevin Smith and John Faverau write comic books along with comedian Patton Oswalt who is coming out with a mini-series based off of Josh Whedon’s “Firefly.”

I’m sure that the celebrity crossover doesn’t stop there but those are the few that come to mind at the moment.

Comic books are experiencing a great boom in popularity but the problem is that people still aren’t really buying them. Graphic novels sell, yes, but the actual issues are not selling at least not like the ’90s when sales where at their all time high.

I would hazard a guess though that comics even though aren’t maybe selling as well as in the ’90s that they are much more financially profitable then they were then. Merchandising seems to be at an all time high.

I am sure that I am not the only person on the net who has friends who wear comic book clothing without actually ever reading a comic book.

Nevertheless, it seems that the true value in comics is not the amount of books they sell each month but rather what sort of potential creative properties they can create to be adapted into a movie, T.V. series or video game.

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