Captain America not being filmed in America

So I read on mtv’s comic inspired web page the Splash Page that the Captain America movie is going to be filmed in London.

Hmmm…. So it is a movie about an ultra patriotic WWII vet who was frozen in a block of ice and thawed in the present to fight crime and super villains. Well that doesn’t make since, shouldn’t a movie about America be filmed in America.
I can think of about two reason for this decision and the first one deals with money. I know that sometimes studios like to film outside the U.S., because they don’t want to have to deal with Screen Actors Guild, SAG,which is basically a union for professional actors.

So I would imagine the studios have chosen to film in London so they don’t have to pay for and meet the list of demands from their over paid extras.

My second theory on this would be that the movie is based more on Steve Rogers time as a World War II soldier. If this is the case then the film would have to be filmed in Europe since much of WWII was spent their.

The U.S doesn’t really have a lot of architecture that can match that old European look of the 1930s and ‘40s.

However, if this is the case and the film is set in WWII then it is going to f*** with the Avengers movie. Either they will end the movie with Steve Rogers falling in a frozen ocean at the end of the Captain America movie only to be thawed out in the Avengers one.

The other possibility I can see happening is that Steve Rogers falls into the ocean and is thawed out at the end of the movie in a very rushed and awkward way.

Either way I find it funny that the Captain America movie isn’t being filmed in America.

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