Scarlett Johansson the “it” girl of comics

So I don’t know if anyone else has paid attention but with Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow in the new Iron Man movie she has now officially been in three comic book movies.
The first movie was her breakout performance in the indie masterpiece by director Terry Zweigoff in “Ghost World,” which was based off of the Daniel Clowes comic by the same name.

Second was off course the poorly adapted Frank Miller directed movie “The Spirit,” based on the classic Will Eisner character from the 1940s.

Her most recent was her adaptation as S.H.I.E.L.D agent Natasha Romanova a.k.a. The Black Widow.

I am unsure if there has been a single actress to play so many different roles in comic book movies. I say different because Kirsten Dunce has done three comic films as well but she was playing Mary Jane in Spider-man one thru three.

So has Johansson become the face of comic fanboy idolatry? Well time can only tell.

She certainly seems to be making bank out of these comic book film roles, I have a very confident feeling that there will be an Iron Man 3 and she will more then likely make an appearance.

Also with that being said it is fairly obvious that there is going to be an Avengers movie to pop-up sometime in the next two years, and with Iron Man director John Faverau making her the female face of S.H.I.E.L.D then she is more then likely to make an appearance.

Interestingly enough with Thor coming out next year and Captain America being casted as we speak there could be a very real possibility that she pops up in those two films as well. Someone has to extend the Avengers invitation to the heroes and with her basically appearing as Samuel L. Jackson’s right hand woman in the movie then it can be predicted that she pops up somewhere.
Johansson looks like she is the “it” girl in comic book movies right now, especially since her husband Ryan Reynold’s has been so involved in comic films as well. “Blade:Trinity”, “Wolverine:Origins” and finally the upcoming Green Lantern movie. She is so connected to the comic book world that it seems like it would be impossible to disconnect her from it right now.

Plus who would want to be disconnected from the comic movie world right now, I mean all the biggest Hollywood films in the last four years have pretty much all been based on comics or influenced by them.

So which comic movie is Johansson’s best? I honestly believe “Ghost World” is-please don’t hold it against me though. I chose “Ghost World” because well I feel like her acting is the best in this one.

Not only is her acting good in this one, but just about every other performer is good in this one too. But the movie is very funny, it is a non-hollywood film, it is not a super hero movie and it serves as a very accurate commentary on what it means to be young.

I simply believe that “Ghost World” offers a very deep and emotionally impactful story. For the most part “Iron Man 2” was entertaining and a very likeable film, but “Ghost World” operates on a different plane.

The movie is a movie made for intelligent people, and Iron Man is a movie made to take thinking out of the movie viewing experience.

As for “The Spirit” well there really was nothing good that movie offered. “The Spirit” was very simply a mediocre attempt to capture the look and feel of Robert Rodriguez film “Sin City” which was actually an adaptation of one of Miller’s comic books.
But instead of a very cool Sin Cityesque film we are given a dark, confusing film the barely resembles the Will Eisner’s original.

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