My two cents

Many of the readers on this site probably know how I feel about the big two companies, like which one is my favorite and which one isn’t.

But for those who don’t know let me tell you.

I grew up loving Marvel, in fact I still am fond for a lot of the characters, started getting into DC late last year now I am more of a DC fan then I am a Marvel one.

But what I like about DC is not so much the characters who all sort of started out one dimensional in their creation, but rather I think they have some of the best writers and their major event books just seem better to me.

I will take Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis, and Crisis on Multiple Earths over Onslaught, Civil War and Secret Invasion any day.

But their is sort of this Catch-22 for me and that is that I like Marvel characters more then DC ones, I know it is a bit weird. Deadpool in the ’90s was my absolute favorite, Spider-man is totally classic, and Doctor Doom is one of the coolest villains ever. With the exception of Batman and James Robinson’s Starman I don’t really think their are to many cool DC characters.

When it comes to adult comics though I am totally on DC’s side and maybe their Vertigo line is better then Marvel’s Max line because it was the first and it is a much older imprint then Marvel’s.

But when you have the creative talent of guys like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan and Garth Ennis those first few years you can’t have anything but good books coming out.

Marvel may have had a few winners like Alias and Punisher Max, but anything else I haven’t read, maybe I haven’t been directed to the right titles so maybe this isn’t really a fair opinion.

Anyways each company is starting to produce quality stuff in different parts of the game.

Marvel’s new creator owned imprint Icon is very cool and really is a awesome new direction the company has taken. Particularly because it starts to bring an indie vibe to a mainstream company.

Brian Michael Bendi’s and Michael Avon Oeming moving Power’s from Image to Marvel seems like a smart move because it gives them the opportunity to market their book with a bigger company with more money, not that Image isn’t profitable.

Ed Brubaker’s Incognito was really very interesting and I look forward to reading Criminal sometime in the near future, and although I have never once read anything by David Mack moving Kabuki to Marvel seems like another wise choice.

DC seems to offer creator owned publishing somewhat with its Vertigo and Wildstorm lines but it still not entirely devoted to this concept. I can think of a few titles that I would imagine are owned by the creators and the rest somehow tie into the universe Jim Lee created in the ’90s with W.i.l.dCats.

But anyway that is my two cents so enjoy.

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