DC: New Frontier

It is a time period of panic and scare, as the threat of a red invasion looms over the thoughts of American citizens. The red scare has lead to not only the persecution to people working in the movies but also to the heroes who once protected America from evil criminals and meta-human threats. Vietnam brings panic to the citizens and only the two legally active super heroes Superman and Wonder Woman fight against Vietcong to protect America’s freedom. Yet a losing war effort against enemies on foreign soil is not the biggest threat to United States but rather it is mysterious Center.

Darwyn Cook’s “DC: New Frontier” was a comic I have wanted to read for a while now, really ever since the “Justice League: New Frontier” direct-to-DVD movie ever came out.

It just seemed like an interesting premise, you know to revisit an older time period and look at the heroes being affected by the political climate of late 1950s’ early 1960s’.

The book doesn’t really operate as one linear tale but rather works as multiple stories occurring focusing more on specific heroes then others in the DC universe. However, eventually the lives of all these individuals seem to be drawn together to  fight for a common cause.

Personally, in my honest opinion the book looks more at the lives of Jon J’onzz “Martian Manhunter” and Hal Jordan “Green Lantern” as they find their places in the world.

J’onzz comes to Earth when people are uneasy and afraid of those that are different; racism in the South, fear of the Soviets and horror movies showing Martians as bad guys. Yet despite all the negativity occurring in the world J’onzz doesn’t play into the fearful attitudes and play of the hatreds of others, instead he looks to be a good person and help the world.

He is inspired by the detectives he see’s in movies and television so he changes his shape to become one, working with the Gotham police department as their best detective which is due to his psychic abilities.

Hal Jordan’s story is about fitting in again, he was looked on as a failure when he was in the air force, never allowing himself to kill an enemy fighter pilot, until he was forced to after parachuting into Communist China after Vietnam was over and being attacked by an enemy soldier.

Jordan has a hard time forgiving himself for this action, and it taints his life marking him by his superiors as a coward.

Of course Jordan meets a Carol Ferris whose company is the base for a secret space project meant to protect the U.S. from aliens. Jordan proves to be  perfect candidate and is chosen as a potential candidate for the mission.

While in a simulator Jordan is transported miles away from Ferris Aircraft only to meet the dying Green Lantern Abin Sur. Sur gives up his ring to Jordan making him the new Green Lantern, but he is advised to not use the ring until contacted by the corps.

A series of events begin to unfold where it is revealed that the center is looking to escape earth killing all its inhabitants in the process in order to conquer the universe. The center reveals itself to be a giant sentient island and all the heroes must join forces to combat it.

So now you have all the heroes of earth fighting against this global threat despite their legal status as heroes.  The center is defeated and the final pages show a newly formed Justice League fighting Starro.


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