The Comic Book Cheat Sheet

Hi everyone I am so sorry to not have posted for a while. I will probably continue to be inconsistent with my posts because I am getting towards the end of my semester and the homework is really starting to get piled on. Hopefully though once summer comes along I will have more time to devote to this blog.

So anyways I am posting up what I like to call the comic book cheat sheet, this is basically for people interested in comic book history and trivia. So here it is.

First Appearance of Spider-man– Amazing Fantasy #15

First Appearance of Thor– Journey into Mystery #83

First Appearance of Iron Man- Tales of Suspense #39

First Appearance of Captain America-Captain America Comics #1

First Appearance of Superman– Action Comics #1

First Appearance of Batman– Detective Comics #27

First Appearance of Wonder Woman– All Star Comics #8

Original Name of Marvel Comics- Timely Comics

Original Name of DC– National Comics

First Publisher of Marvel Comics– Martin Goodman

First Publisher of DC– Harry Donnefeld

Who was the original human torch?– The original human torch was an android named Jim Hammond and is not connected with the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm

Who was the first mutant?– The first mutant in Marvel comics is Namor The Sub-Mariner

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