Great series poor ending: JMS’S Thor volume 3 sabotaged by company crossover

A mysterious man appears in a small town in Oklahoma, taking up residence at a local motel the man rasps his digits against a gnarled piece of wood. Clenching his hand tight against the wood his knuckles turn white, raising the wood into the air and then striking it firmly against a dust covered floor a crackle of thunder cries across the blue sky followed by a flash of white lightening. A god now stands in the man’s place, with his golden locks and winged helmet Thor is reborn.

J. Michael Straczynski’s Thor was shaping up to be something epic for Marvel. The series started out awesome and ended poorly.

The series was an Eisner nominated series that flourished with great writing and a dynamic artist who could render the god of thunder in all his glory. Yet, the book suffered not because of the writer’s inability to end a story but rather by a company that attempted to wrestle creative control from the guy who was making the character popular again.

I just received volume three of JMS’s Thor about two nights ago in the mail. I was elated to read the conclusion of what was now becoming one of my favorite characters at Marvel only upon reading it to be just all right.

The final volume by JMS tied up a few loose ends in a quick and hasty matter and then proceeded to create a few new ones. Upon reading this volume it became oddly clear that the book was set up to lead into Siege, which to me is a bit upsetting.

I read online that the book was intended to end a certain way and instead Marvel pressured JMS to tie the book into their upcoming Siege event. Well it looks like JMS complied and managed to do it in four issues. But in doing so he has now wiped his hands clean of the company and has jumped ship to work for the competition at DC comics.

In volume three, after a battle with Bor, who is Thor’s grandfather, Thor finds himself exiled from Asgard and with a broken hammer. Now, his brother Balder is put upon the throne as his replacement while their stepbrother Loki seeks to manipulate him.

Thor’s hammer has been smashed and is slightly de-powered learns that his love Sif’s soul is trapped in one of Jane Foster’s patients body while Loki is trapped in Sif’s body. If Thor does not free Sif then she will die with the patient and be lost forever.

Thor seeks the aid of Doctor Strange who agrees to repair Thor’s hammer, but the cost of the repair is that all of Thor’s power become one with the hammer. This means that if the hammer is to ever be destroyed then Thor will die.

With Balder now being the lord of Asgard he decides with the insistence of Loki to move their home to Latveria, the country that Dr.Doom is the lord of. With all the Asgardians now moving to Latveria Bill, a mortal who is in love with Kelda a goddess, decides to go along with the other Asgardians.

Bill acts as a sort of advisor to Balder who provides Balder with good insight and suggests that it was a bad idea to move to Latveria. Balder seems aware but tells Bill his hands are tied because Asgardians need something to do to stay happy. They either become restless with nothing to do in Oklahoma and decide to fight one another, or they go to Latveria where there is game to hunt to stay happy.

Finally it is revealed that Loki has been working with Doom to kill Thor, the usual stuff he does, and that in aiding him Doom now has a number Asgardians to protect him and to experiment on.

So Doombots get sent out to Oklahoma where they attempt to kill Donald Blake, luckily for him he is saved by Sif, Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun.

Also finally Bill uncovers Loki and Dooms plot but is murdered by three Asgardians. Kelda goes crazy and vows revenge for Bills death.

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