Hulk vs Hulk:Does Planet Hulk the Cartoon live up Planet Hulk the Comic

Light flashes from the metallic cylinder; faces emerge from the flash, faces that seem all too familiar. He recognizes the faces as those that are, were his friends; the tin man, the silent one, and the magician telling him they’re sorry. Sorry for sending him into space, sorry because he is supposedly more dangerous then they are. Sorry because they think they are his friends.

He feels the turbulence as his space ship passes through a magnetic field of a worm hole, finally ripping apart the hull to see where he is, knowing that his lungs and body could survive the vacuum of space, finds himself in a harsh war torn country whose inhabitants seem unfamiliar to him.

Lets talk about “Planet Hulk,” and how the movie and the comic are different.

I read, “Prelude to Planet Hulk”, “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” last year so forgive me if my memory is a little hazy. Yet with that being said I would have to say that “Planet Hulk” was one of the most exciting stories I have read out of Marvel in a while.

I finally saw the cartoon movie “Planet Hulk” a week ago, now I can’t express my excitement for when I heard the announcement of this movie. You see when I first read “Planet Hulk” I thought to myself this would be an awesome movie. But when I was thinking those thoughts I was thinking an awesome live action movie, and I still stand by that thought, but I also was glad to see it get the animated treatment.

Now about a few post back I compared Marvel and DC’s cartoons, and how I thought Marvel didn’t always put up the same quality of animation as DC. Well “Planet Hulk” as a cartoon I would say was a lot betters then their previous direct-to-video efforts, but there were some differences.

For one I thought the cartoon dumb down the story a little and tried to include what could have been an epic movie into only an hour. There was a lot going on in the comic and the movie only really focused on the Hulk and his Warbound in the gladiatorial games and his defeat of the Red King.

The movie did touch briefly on the spikes and stuff like that but still I felt like that was a bit played down.

One thing that sort of bothered me was for some reason the movie decided to exclude the Brood from the Warbound, and they killed off the robot almost immediately. In the comic the robot lasted up until World War Hulk until he was murdered, they did a whole tie-in into WWH about the ongoing investigation of the robots murder, but in the movie he was a disposable character picked off in there first confrontation.

The Brood I don’t know why they didn’t include, unless it was some licensing issue, but the Brood and Miek where lovers.

I mean the cartoon is supposed to be a little bit more adult so I think it would have been ok to include the romance between the two characters.

In the comic the Hulk became more of a leader to the people then he did in the movie. He fought against the Wildebots and united the Spikes with his armies by letting them drink his blood (truly a morbid image).

But what was really cool is the fact that in the comic Caiera loved not only the Hulk but also Bruce Banner. When she gazes upon both Bruce and the Hulk it created a very powerful image that I think could have been just as moving or even more so in the animation.

Anyways I am getting ahead of myself with this stuff because a lot of it happens after the defeat of the Red King. Of course the movie never focused on anything after the kings defeat.

Moving backwards one thing “Planet Hulk” the movie changed that probably could have been included (unless it was for licensing reasons) was that they changed Silver Surfers part in the comic to Beta Ray Bill for the movie.

It was kind of cool to see a more obscure character like Bill be animated but still the Silver Surfer as the Silver Savage was so cool. Plus there was an added friendship between the two, which made it more significant.

The Hulk and Silver Surfer where pals, or at least teammates on The Defenders but Bill and the Hulk I don’t recall there ever being a relationship between the two.

Anyways, I mean there are about a million things that got changed but one thing that really bothered me was that they didn’t show Miek transform into his big monstrous form. Miek started as a little wuss character but became this hulking monster.

Finally, my biggest gripe was that I don’t recall them ever showing the Hulk’s ship blowing up on the planet. I mean they could make this whole thing into a video series, if you have his ship blow up then Marvel could do a WWH movie next.

But I don’t want to take away from the cartoon, it was entertaining, it just could have been better.

Tell me what you think you can watch the cartoon here


  1. So is it worth watching?

    I really enjoyed planet hulk, especially the ending. But to say the truth I was kinda disappointed with the art.

    How could they forget the brood?God…And Beta Ray?What’s that all about…

    Thats why I usually steer clear from theses half assed adaptations.

    • I mean I watch all of them just because I love comics but really it isn’t anything special. I would say it is better than some of the other Marvel cartoons but it isn’t nearly as good as some of the DC ones

  2. The Brood and Silver Surfer were left out because of licensing issues.

    I actually watched the movie before reading Planet Hulk, and I definitely like the movie. It actually focuses on the gladiatorial fighting, where the comic will only lend a page or two to each fight. Seriously, the Silver Surfer fight was over in a few panels. The Beta-Ray Bill fight was much more fitting, and he was a good choice considering it follows up Hulk Vs. Thor and the Silver Surfer wasn’t an option.
    Yes, the comic was deeper in many areas, but I think the film developed some very subtle stuff into very emotional scenes. (Like Korg having to fight his brothers).

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