Last Man on Earth

Mindlessly bumbling through the bramble of misfortune Yorick Brown finds himself viewing a frightening collage of death. Every person with a Y chromosome has died except for Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. Now the only man living on the planet earth Yorick is now the most important human alive.

I haven’t quite read all of “Y The Last Man” but I have to say that it seems pretty cool. I mean from a female perspective the premise of Y might seem a bit sexist but it really isn’t. The idea of being the last man on earth draws up images of a lone male having sex with every attractive female that comes along. Yet this is not at all what this comic is about.

Y is probably the most frightening comic I ever read; it isn’t even really a horror comic, but the thought of what author Brian K. Vaughan calls “gendercide” is absolutely frightening.  It is mostly frightening because I am a man and in the world of Y I would be dead.

So why write about a comic that I have yet to read all the way through yet, well, I figure it is only fitting with a holiday like Valentines Day coming up.

You see Y is a love story, sort of.  Yorick is on a quest to find his fiancée a fiancée that is all the way in Australia. Despite being the last man on earth Yorick chooses, at least the part that I have read, to remain abstinent. He loves his girlfriend too much to cheat on her even though it would be beneficial to the survival of the human race.

“Y The Last Man” is like the movie “Escape from New York” meets the Mad Max franchise. See Yorick is now living in this post-apocalyptic type world where different groups of women are forming their own miniature societies and gangs, like a crazy Amazon motorcycle gang that Yorick’s sister belongs too, and Yorick is trapped with all those gangs.

Yorick is trying to find his girlfriend and he has to deal with the dangers of these various groups and along the way he is accompanied by secret agent 355 who’s real name remains anonymous and a geneticist who believes she is responsible for the plague that wiped out all of  “man” kind.

355 joins Yorick by the command of the new President of the United States, Yorick;s mom, to keep him safe and to prevent his capture by foreign governments that might learn of his existence. Dr. Mann joins Yorick so that she can study him and find out why he and Ampersand weren’t killed by the plague.

I am far from completing the comic, I have only read the first two deluxe edition hard covers, but I can see why it was so well received by the comics reading community. If I had a girlfriend I would probably recommend this comic to her. Y has strong female characters that take leadership roles and shows just how fragile men can be to. The comic also deals with issues like lesbianism and feminism and addresses it in a tasteful manner.

I haven’t really read ahead in the story yet, I have been saving that for when the third deluxe edition comes out, but I look forward to see what the future entails for Yorick Brown.



  1. Truly a great story. The prologue is awsome!

    If you didn’t know or didn’t notice check the Wayne Carrick characte in KOTOR the comics. He is exactly the same. One in a SW universe, the other in some post apocaliptic distopia.

    Great Post

    • Thanks for the great comments Atreus. I will have to check out the KOTOR comics I never really was sure if there were good Star Wars comics but I will have to look into them.

      Do you have a blog or something ? You seem like you know your stuff .

      • Nope man, just a guy who enjoys comics. But thanks for the thumbs up!

        Oh and do check it out, it starts out slow, but its a real fun series. Actually all the star wars comics rock.I’m a star wars fan,so nothing real objective coming from me. Hell, i even liked the new trilogy!haha

        Have you read any of the SW comics?

      • If I can find it I will check it out. I can’t say I am a huge SW fan, as a kid I loved the original trilogy but once I got older I got more into Star Trek. I’ve never read any of the SW comics though.

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