Get 2 Free Trades from

If you are like me then you probably like getting free stuff, and you probably like trade paperbacks. Well right now at the website if you purchase one item you can get Witchblades vol.10 & 11 free.

If you aren’t using as your source for purchasing tpb’s then you should probably start. They sell most their tpb’s for less than offer free shipping to any purchase over $50. On the Around Comics podcast they do like a book of the month which Instock sells at an even greater discount as usual. Of course you have to listen to the podcast to find out what books are being marked down further because the site doesn’t advertise those books as being cheaper.

Now for Witchblade, I have never really read Witchblade, I have read a couple issues of the Darkness but wasn’t too impressed. So the world of Top Cow comics is a little bit new to me, I read some of their creator owned stuff like Mark Millar’s Wanted and J. Michael Straczynski’s Rising Stars which are both fine books, but the Witchblade series was never really that appealing. But I just received two free tpb’s and I figure what the heck lets give the book a try, vol.10 on the back of the book says its a good jumping on point for new readers because it is like a sort of origin story.


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