Widdle Wade’s West Weator Joe Kelly

With Deadpool now becoming one of the most crossed over characters in the Marvel U I thought that maybe it was time to reflect on the guy I feel has had the biggest impact on the development of the character that man of course being Joe Kelly.

Kelly I don’t really know much about him personally, like where he is from and what his background is, but I can tell whoever is reading this that the man is probably one of the greatest humorist working in comic books today. Writing most of the original ongoing Deadpool series and now who writes Spider-man and I Kill Giants.

The original Deadpool ongoing was one of my favorite comics, like every comic book superhero Deadpool was a total bad ass, but unlike every hero he was insane and told the best jokes. Rob Liefield might have created Deadpool but Kelly breathed life into him.

Kelly established a base of operation for which Deadpool got his assignments, his insane wit, and building up the deadly relationship between him and his sidekick Weasel. Before Kelly Deadpool was a fast talking mercenary with a healing factor that played a foil to Cable and his X-force. But then Deadpool became lewd and crewd mercenary who stole Daredevils dog, kidnapped secret agent Blind Al and made her his slave, Beat on his buddy Weasel, received sage advice from an alcoholic, was predicted to be the savior of the universe and later found out he wasn’t, went back in time and posed as Spider-man, Stalked Siryn and finally stole the affections of Death from Thanos.

If your read that whole list then you must be thinking that this must be a crazy ass and insane comic. This assumption is of course true and that is what made the character great. Kelly set up Deadpool as a character and expanded him, but besides the humor he injected some humanity. He created a struggle within Deadpool to want to be a hero and be taken seriously but at the same time was fighting the temptation to do bad. Within his struggle to be a good guy he would later have significant moral relapses, maybe killing a guy here or there.

Deadpool was a significantly flawed character who was trying to work through the difficulties of living in a world were people shot lasers from their eyes, and had bone claws popping out of their hands. He wanted to be a hero but he just didn’t know how.

One of my favorite issues of this Deadpool series was issue 11 in which after fighting the Great Lake Avengers Deadpool is sent back in time. My memory may be a little hazy but basically somehow he knocks Aunt May unconscious and with the use of his holographic image disguise thing poses as Peter Parker. Trying to find his buddy Weasel and get him to help get him into his own time he finds that doing so is a bit of a struggle. Weasel in this time had yet to become Deadpool’s deviant sidekick and in fact was applying for a job at Oscorp industries, a job that Peter Parker was competing for as well. Unsure whether to help Deadpool who is disguised as Parker Weasel eventually agrees, but only after Deadpool takes him out and gets him drunk. The whole issue is hilarious and it is simply laugh out loud funny. In fact I cannot remember any other comic book making me laugh so hard.

So anyways Joe Kelly deserves mad respect, he might not be as well known as  names like Moore, Morrison, Bendis and so on but don’t let him go underneath your radar. He is the funniest guy in comics trust me.


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