Comic Book Movies Should Be Good

If anyone ever asked me what my opinion about movies based on comic books were I would have to probably answer the question like the character Lumberg from Office Space.


To me comic book movies are a bit of a mixed bag, some are really good and then some are just awful. My feelings are a bit cloudy on the whole subject. I think that it is cool that my favorite comics and characters are getting put up on the big screen, but then I think to myself why doesn’t Hollywood do something original and come up with something on their own. I also think that Hollywood sometimes bastardize the comic book characters they are adapting.

So there is a definite love, hate relationship for me when it comes to comic book movies. Usually the best comic book movies are the ones that don’t appear to be based on any sort of comic, the types of movies that don’t have superheroes flying around in their underwear and are mindlessly punching criminals in the face.

Movies like Ghost World, Art School Confidential, A History of Violence, and Road to Perdition are examples of films that don’t follow the typical comic book movie model, movies completely devoid of red caped super heroes.

One of my favorite comic book movies would have to be American Splendor, with Paul Giamatti playing Harvey Pekar and Harvey Pekar playing Harvey Pekar. The movie is about Harvey Pekar’s life as a comic book creator and how he writes a biographical comic book. So essentially Harvey Pekar writes a comic about his life as a person and the experiences he has as a result of being a comic book writer. The movie basically details this genesis from a clerk who works in a hospital to an indie comic book writing phenom.

Another one of my favorites is the documentary R.Crumb, although not particularly a comic book movie it is about one of the more eccentric figures in the industry.

Of course not all the movies that don’t resemble comic books are particularly good like Bruce Willis in the Surrogates. I also heard that Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale was pretty awful as well.

Of course some super hero movies can be awesome as well, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight was great, Bryan Singers Superman was cool, Sam Raimi’s Spider-man one and two, and I am hoping that Kick-ass will be cool as well.


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