Fresh Ink Needs to be on G4TV

So I watched Fresh Ink this morning on the G4TV website, and I was thinking man that is a really a good little program they got going on their site. Someone commented on the episode I was watching saying that they should give Blair Butler her own show and I would probably have to agree with that person.

Blair Butler is very insightful and isn’t just another pretty faced celebrity pretending they know something about comic books. G4 programming as of late has been lacking a little bit; it is no longer a television station devoted to gaming and all things geek. All that the geeks have now are X-play and Attack of the Show.

I mean I may just be talking out of my butt, but I am always in favor of giving more exposure to comic books. G4 covered the San Diego Comic Con pretty well even though the con seemed to have become more about corporate marketing for TV and movies. If that event made any sort of profit for the network then obviously the viewers want more comic book coverage. Give Blair Butler a half-hour show, comic books have infiltrated the main stream and just about every action film coming out is somehow related to comic books.

The show wouldn’t have to just be her talking about her favorite comics or anything but she could interview comic creators, publishers, movie directors so on and so forth. As long it was tied to comic books and didn’t become the sort of show that tries to promote all things geek, because that’s what Attack of the Show is for.

I think the show would be semi-successful; she already is a celebrity within the comics’ community. Even if comic fans didn’t know the name I think they would recognize her from the Booster Gold comics cover she was on. I know that being a celebrity within comics doesn’t exactly mean that you could be a success in TV but with her also being a stand up comedian I think people would find her quite likeable plus the show is on G4 and the viewers of that network are already wrapped up in some way with comic culture whether it be through videogames, movies and cartoons. The show could only ever work on a network like G4.


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