Hulk Smash! Why the Hulk is terrible and Marvel needs to slow down on their event books

You know I want to praise Greg Pak for his Planet Hulk and World War Hulk series. Sure they might be old news but they both tie into future events about to be going on in Marvel, or maybe it has already happened I don’t know.

I read in the summer that Jeph Loeb and Greg Pak were gearing up to write a World War Hulks event, that’s right Hulks as in plural. Now if anyone has read my bio on this site I specifically say that I don’t go into the store every Wednesday to buy my comics, hell I barely ever buy them I usually just read the trades or torrents, so I tend to be a little bit behind on big story arcs. Still haven’t gotten around to reading Dark Reign, Blackest Night, or Siege, but I will.

So with Marvel so tied up in their new comic epic Siege it is probably a high possibility that this World War Hulks thing has been put on the back burner. But really I mean do we need anymore of these sprawling story arcs, there fun every year or two but when you haven’t gotten a single book outside this crazy continuity it makes it a little intimidating to jump into reading comics and probably makes it a little bit frustrating when you are a creator.

Sure the comic industry might be making money but they are making all their money on movies and merchandise. Half the people you see wearing Spider-man t-shirts have never read a Spider-man comic in their entire life. However, if you are interested in comics and if all this commercialization of them intrigues a person to want to get into them where would you start? It is insane because if you haven’t maybe read House of M, which was like five years ago, and the events that followed you will be confused and be stuck trying to pick up the pieces along the way.

Now on the creator side of things, if you are a talented and a creative person that wants to make money writing for comics you either have to be working for Marvel or DC, if you work for either two and maybe have a great idea for a character (within continuity) good luck because you will be stuck trying to connect the story you are trying to tell to the events of the current epic. This is very limiting on a person’s storytelling; this would probably chase me away from wanting to write for these companies. The only people who get to really be creative are the architects of the epics, guys like Brian Bendis with Secret Invasion/ House of M, Mark Millar on Civil War, Geoff Johns on Blackest Night, and Grant Morrison on Final Crisis, but if you a smaller named writer what are you supposed to do? You have to try your best to be creative in an environment that might not be nurturing to it.

I mean epics are fun; they are fun for the fans and the people who want to collect all the issues. It is great to see all your favorite characters interacting with one another. Crossovers are cool and every fan likes that, if we didn’t we wouldn’t have The Brave and The Bold and Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. But it just sort of gets to a point where you just need a break, Marvel especially needs to recognize this, they chased out a great talent in J. Michael Straczynski right into the arms of the competition with their Siege event.

So what is next after Siege? Well probably this World War Hulks thing, which I can’t say I am really looking forward too. This whole Hulk thing seems kind off dumb to me, Planet Hulk was cool and World War Hulk was good, but now we have a red Hulk and a red She-Hulk, two green She-hulks, the Hulk’s son Skaar, and finally Rick Jones the sidekick to the Hulk transforming into A-bomb.

I got really excited when Skaar came out, I loved Greg Pak’s Planet and World War Hulk and I couldn’t wait for the next tie in. When I read the first few issues though it turned out to not be as good as I was expecting. In fact it was a little bit disappointing and I was turned off to the idea of a Planet Skaar storyline, which I have avoided so far.

I read Jeph Loeb’s Red Hulk stuff because I heard Ed Mcguiness would be drawing it and the ‘90s Deadpool was one of my favorite comic books when I was younger. Well what did I get? I got a dumb Hulk with no explanation as to how he got back to that way and no explanation, and a red Hulk who may or may not be Doc Samson. The storytelling seemed a bit juvenile and the plot twists were not getting explained. Of course I suppose I should expect this since Loeb is a writer on Lost the most confusing and convoluted show on television right now. But the whole red Hulk thing seemed idiotic and I ended up abandoning that one too.

The Hulk was becoming a character that was beginning to become interesting again but instead what little “coolness” that Pak had breathed back into the Hulk has instead been erased by all this dumb stuff they are doing in the book now.

I am hoping that by the end of this whole mess called the Hulk that Rick Jones transforms into A-bomb and like his name suggests explodes in a flashy looking nuclear explosion wiping out every new character introduced this year by Jeph Loeb. If I am wrong in these feelings and wrong about this World War Hulks thing then let me know ok because I could be completely wrong on the whole subject.

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