Yeah I Draw Superheroes: Current Top 10 Favorite Comic Artists

As a fan of comics I would have to say that to me the writing is more important  than the art, and that is being completely honest. I suppose then that most of my comic book fandom is spent obsessing over plot and character construction. Yet in order to have a successful comic you need an artist because otherwise it would be a loose script of pages filled with words like: bam, excelsior, Spider-man, bone claws and kryptonite, and would probably read kind of dumbly. The artist is the guy to bring the page to life and since I have spotlighted and sang the praises of two writers on this blog since its inception I thought maybe it was about time to post something giving credit to all the brilliant artists I admire. So here it is with further ado 10 artists I think are awesome.

Honorable Mention: Frank Cho

Cho is probably most well known for his work on the daily serialized comic strip Liberty Meadows, now working in comic books the man has a wonderful perverted sense of humor. Of course I will let his work speak for itself.

10. Bernie Wrightson

Horror artist extraordinaire Wrightson is a master of mood he was the artist in the first appearance of Swamp Thing House of Secrets #92. Guy draws horror comics and is probably the best at what he does.

9.Brian Bolland

Bolland is a master of ultra tight line work and realistic looking artwork. He is very good at of taking his realistic style and adding a bit of humor. Bolland is probably most well known for the cover he did on Batman: The Killing Joke.

8.Mike Mignola

The creator of Hellboy, Mignola has a his own unique style that has a certain amount of complexity along with simplicity. The characters he draws have unique and complicated features that make them really stand out but the line work of Mignola is very loose and flowing.

7.Skottie YoungI’m a little new to this guy in fact I haven’t read anything he has drawn am not entirely familiar with some of his work. I came across him reading a best of 09 article in the comics section. He won the best cover of the year for X-men: First Class so I looked this image up and I thought that it was pretty cool and different. It is a humorous style using slightly distorted proportions on what appears to be a canvas

6. Olivier Coipel

A very dynamic artist with good technical skills and great style, his work on Thor is amazing and was probably the best Marvel book to had been coming out in 09. Great at drawing landscapes and an enormous freaking castle floating over a farm in Iowa, along with giving life to his characters. Some artists might have a set of interchangeable faces they put on each person but not Coipel each character have their own unique features and form.

5. Jim SterankoSteranko is probably one of my favorite artists from the old Merry Marvel days, combining surreal collage imagery and comic book art the man had a very unique style. Once given the reigns of Nick Fury he rewrote the book on comic book storytelling, letting artwork progress and tell a story without dialogue while at the time was unheard of, yet was simply brilliant.

4.Leinil Yu

Love it or Hate it if your read Secret Invasion then you no doubt saw this artists work at hand. Responsible for giving us the creepy Elektra Skrull image that seemed ripped right out of a horror movie. The moment I became a Yu fan was when Reed Richards had that dead Elektra Skrull on the operating table and I though to myself Holy S*&@ that looks awesome. Real loose and real sketchy Yu has great style and is one of the great talents employed at Marvel

3.Tony Harris

Harris is awesome, no really he is, I won’t spend a ton of time writing about his work because I already spent time in the last post talking about his work in Starman and how great it was. But I am obviously a fan because my banner for this site is a piece he did for Ex Machina one of my favorite comics. Like a fine wine his work has only gotten better with time.

2. Robert Crumb

Crumb is probably one of my favorites artists, he is a master humorist and I wish his work was easier to get. I discovered Crumb through a little Terry Zweigoff documentary simply called Crumb, for those of you who don’t know who Zweigoff is he is the director who adapted the Daniel Clowes comics Ghost World and Art School Confidential for film. Anyways Crumbs work is unique like his personality, he was the poster boy for the underground comics movement in the ’60s, and was the first artist to draw Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor. Talented in creating amazingly sexual yet humorous images and comics that reflect his own inner feelings about sex and the world. His style is probably best described as sort of cartoonish utilizing lots of cross hatching. The cross hatching adds lots of depth and feel to his work and is probably slightly underutilized by most other artists.

1. J.H. Williams III

So here is my number one, J.H. Williams III, I fell in love with his work when I first read Promethea. Williams mastery of the comics page is amazing the things he does inside a comic look like something that should be done on a cover. He has a certain beautiful realistic style mashed together with some sort of hallucinatory experience. I really can’t describe some of the stuff he does or is doing in comics today so instead I will post a few thumbnails that can be clicked on to view his worker better.


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