Morrison: Psycho Genius From Another World

Behold the wonderful world of Grant Morrison; I am sad to say that I am probably the last person to recognize this mans genius. But I am glad that I have finally found him.

I have always found myself obsessing over the work of Alan Moore, and I still prefer him to Morrison, but Morrison provides an interesting surreality to comics. Both Moore and Morrison are people who experienced the side effects of hallucinogenic drugs one can argue though that Morrison was quite literally driven mad.

However, I believe were Morrison and Moore differ is that Moore may be enhanced by drugs, but Morrison was changed. Moore’s work is so strangely intelligent interesting and is taking comics from low art and low storytelling and driving it into the future as a legitimate social commentary. Morrison tries to do this but sometimes his vision is muddled by, well they’re muddled by visions of a different sort.

The thing is though is that these visions aren’t all that bad and give way to a over active, maybe psychoactive imagination that creates worlds that are only plausible in a comic book reality.

Ok so maybe I may be a novice to Morrison’s work but essentially what it seems like he is trying to do is write a story that either builds to look like an epic masterpiece and then later brain F@&# you so that none of what you thought was important to the story ever really was.

Take example his run on Animal Man, the story I most recently finished and am currently trying to get through the Tom Veitch run, Morrison’s run was moving towards something significant and then it is finally realized that none of it was ever important the author had just been putting old Buddy Baker through these situations to add to the drama of the book. You also learn about Morrison’s animal activism in which he was using the comic as an analogue to get his beliefs across to a wider audience.

Of course Morrison later goes on to explore that theme in Final Crisis which by its own definition was a mind F@#$% ,  I mean imagination bleeding through into reality or something it was all very cool but a little bit confusing and filled with plot holes. Of course I only read a few of the companion issues and have yet to read Geoff Johns Legion of 3 worlds ties in.

But the whole middle part where Superman follows the lady Monitor vampire into limbo and meets up with other counter earth supermen if I vaguely remember assumed the opposite, like the stories can control the authors. I don’t know maybe I am wrong probably need to re-read that one again.

The Filth was probably from what I have read was the most surreal of all his works. I mean at Comic Con he talks about having some hash ball hallucination that was more incredible then a DMT, Acid, and Mescaline trip combined. I would have to say that this must be the story or the world he saw when he had that trip. Garbage disposal trucks with mouths operated by dolphins, I mean what?

After reading this story I had to think about it for a while and then I realized that it still didn’t make sense. I finally read a summary and I was told that the whole thing was about no matter how small you may think your part is in something that it is still a necessary part; and here I thought it was about a guy being screwed over by some trans-dimensional clean up organization trying to keep the world normal.

Of course not all his works are hallucinations, or so I think, Marvel Boy and his work on Batman minus Arkham Asylum don’t appear to be so crazed. Both are very well written and are interesting but also fail to convey the same sort of important social message.

So for Morrison maybe coherency isn’t always the best approach to writing a story, like all great artists drugs seem to play a major role in his inspiration lets just hope it doesn’t kill him.


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